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Computer Mastering Michael W. Dean’s 1983 Magnum Opus, “The Solstice Suite”




Download MP3 of Michael’s 1983 one-hour piece, The Solstice Suite, HERE.

Unlike DJ or Neema, I did not go to “J-School” (journalism school) for college. However, at Jamestown Community College (JCC) in Western New York State, I did take “Communication” classes, which basically taught you to be an intern at a local radio station. And maybe if you were lucky as an intern, you’d eventually get to be on the air. I took a different route to radio. But in my last semester of college, the second part of my second year of the two years I attended, I recorded a one-hour piece of music as an independent study in Communication. I composed and recorded the music, and wrote a paper explaining the process. I got an A. I also got Fs that semester in my other four classes (in English, History, Math and Phys-Ed), because I spent every day that semester skipping all my classes to lock myself in a room and compose and record that one piece of music that got me the A.


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How to Do Encrypted, Off-The-Record Instant Messenger With Pidgin


Written by Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen. Most screenshots by Aida_Aida. Tech testing and proofreading by Link Porterfield/QPG, amifreetogo, feendaveoh, Adam Witthauer and Skippy.

The Freedom Feens recently wrote and published an extensive and kick-ass tutorial on setting up encrypted e-mail, here. However, e-mail isn’t always the best tool, especially if you’re going back and forth in a conversational manner. But there is a way to set up encrypted instant messenger, OTR (off-the-record) Pidgin. OTR Pidgin is more instant than e-mail, better for back-and-forth conversations, keeps no record and leaves no trace. It provides actual Plausible deniability (to borrow a phrase from the CIA). I don’t use OTR Pidgin for everyone, only like eight people I trust and know really well, but it’s even better than PGP mail because there is no record, the only record of the conversation is in the heads of both people involved.

A lot of serious hard-core white-hat hacker computer security experts don’t even use e-mail, EVER. They use OTR Pidgin for all Internet communications.

With e-mail and a public key, if someone can get your passphrase, they can read any saved e-mails. But with the OTR Pidgin, NOTHING IS SAVED. Again: The only record is IN THE BRAINS of the two people talking. And it’s even better if you’re using it over a VPN or Tor.

The OTR plugin was created by Cypherpunks. More on them and OTR is here. I showed this tutorial to Cypherpunk Ian Goldberg, who invented the OTR Pidgin plugin. He made a few suggestions for changes, and I made those changes. He added: “If you use OTR and also something like Tor, you can break the link between the username and your physical identity, but *only* if you _always_ use Tor with that IM account, even when creating it….If you need to break the link between the username and your identity, you need to use an anonymous communications network such as Tor in addition to OTR (they’re designed to work well together!).”

Setting up OTR Pidgin is a lot of steps, but each step is simple. The problem with getting more people to use encryption is there’s no way to do it that’s as easy as picking up a phone or using Skype (both of which are uber NOT secure). And so far, the really easy ways of doing encryption (like Hushmail) are not secure. The problem is human stupidity and State evil. Most people say “I have nothing to hide”, and governments don’t want people using encryption. In a real LibPar (without governments, and with all “power” removed from idiots and returned to each honest, smart person), encryption would be in all Internet programs by default.

Instead we get shit like Facebook, where if you’re one of their marks users, they add a chat bar EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT one. And if you set it to go away, it randomly comes back from time to time like a stalker ex. They WANT you chatting on their un-secure chat program, and they’re a company that will give any information to any law enforcement entity without a warrant. I recently left Facebook, and if you’re interested in security, you should too. You should also use Internet security programs like PGP e-mail and OTR Pidgin, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. Because these days, not matter how “legal” or “ethical” your conversations, intentions and actions are, governments around the world (as well as some individuals, and almost all corporations) will try to use what you say against you. The repercussions of this can run the gamut from being spammed to being imprisoned….even if you think you’re not breaking any laws. We’re in a post-Patriot Act world, where doing things that one branch of the government tells you to do (like having a stockpile of food) can get you targeted as a suspect by another part of the government.


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Iranian Rapper’s Xmas Song

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Get Feens and Gumbo Episodes Before Everyone Else with BitTorrent


So, this is so cool….Sean our Torrent guy and I have set up a torrent feed for all Freedom Feens episodes, Anarchy Gumbo episodes and movies. AND, you’ll get new things before everyone else who isn’t using the torrent link!

It works automatically, it’s completely legal (for now), and seeding will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption by helping make the Feens’ media drone proof when it BECOMES illegal, which could be any day now, the way the Central Scrutinizer is stepping up its tyranny. Seed if you want, but at least have them. So if we get droned, or the site gets CISPAed, you can turn the torrents back on and start sharing.


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Obama’s Feet Stink (new Freedom Feens rap song with Rich Black)

So instead of the usual Feens Tuesday episode, today we have a special treat. The master recording, for free (!), of the new Feens hip-hop song with Rich Black, “Obama’s Feet Stink.” Rich Black provided his vocals, but is not in the video, because he lives in New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy hit there last night and cut off his power just as he was uploading his video. (He let us know via iPhone.) This collaboration is a dope track, has great rapping (and fun dancing!) from Neema, the best mix Neema’s ever done, and we are really proud of it. The song is about how there’s no difference between Obama and Romney, how voting is stupid, and how OBAMA’S FEET STINK!

PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO, WE ARE TRYING TO GET THIS ONE TO GO VIRAL before the election! (We’re gonna need all the help we can get, with much of the Eastern Seaboard of the US without power.)

Video link:

Download MP3 for free, HERE.

CREDITS: RICH BLACK (Andre Anarcho-Capitalist Palm, a.k.a MC Fuck You, a.k.a Silver Stax): Words, rapping, beat.
MC LIE-BARRY (Neema Vedadi, a.k.a. MC Choreboy, a.k.a. NeemaV): rapping, beat, words, mixing. mastering.
DJ CONIACAL THE SCRIBE (MC Micromanage, a.k.a Michael W. Dean): Guitar, bass, background vocals on chorus, words, video editing.
Thanks to Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi for the camerawork on Neema.

Label: Angry Peasant Records.

Links: Rich Black‘s YouTube. Mc Lie-Barry and DJ Conical the Scribe’s Freedom Feens Podcast.



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$430 ElectroVoice RE-20 Microphone Sound for $17

So, check out this short MP3 that I recorded talking about my new very expensive microphone, recorded on the same microphone. (If you’d rather hear it as an uncompressed WAV file, it’s not very big and is here.) I posted the file on Facebook and e-mailed it to some radio producers, podcasters and recording engineers I know. I said:

AUDIOPHILE INPUT PLEASE: Please check out this 20-second MP3. What do you think of the sound of this RE-20 microphone? I bought the mic, but it’s a “try before you buy” deal and I have two weeks to return it for a refund. It was expensive, and I might keep it, but need your opinions, especially compared to the ribbon and condenser mics I usually use on the Feens.

The opinions I got back were all great, and several engineers spoke glowingly of the sound and recommended that I keep it. The ElectroVoice RE-20 Dynamic Microphone is the holy grail mic of talk radio, has been since the 60s, and is in the booth of a high percentage of all professional radio studios in the world.


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An Anarchist Explains Why He Hopes Romney Wins

(From the Freedom Feens Blog.)

by Michael W. Dean

Most Democrats and Republicans are calling this “the most important election of our lifetime.” They each believe that there has never been a more divided set of candidates running, and both “sides” believe that if “their” guy doesn’t “win”, America will fall into a tyrannical horror world, or collapse into chaos. But they’re both wrong……


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Why Muslims Should be Libertarian.

Listen to interview on the Anarchy Gumbo Podcast, HERE.

Neema Vedadi interviews Will Coley, Director of Muslims for Liberty. Coley is a self-described redneck from Tennessee who converted to Islam years ago. Coley says his study of Islamic law, including sound money and free trade brought him to Libertarianism. He explains why Sharia is not a threat and makes the case that true Islam allows for private law, competing court systems, and a voluntary society. Will takes down anti-Muslim hype with history and logic. The two also discuss American Foreign policy, why Muslims are sick of the Republicans and Democrats, and if we’re doomed to suffer the state forever.

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Roger Ebert Reviewed One of My Movies!

Sort of….So, after my daughter died of Leukemia in 2006 I was totally crushed. I couldn’t sleep right for a year, and was really depressed. One thing that really helped pull me out of it after a year, something that was really cathartic, was this: I recorded a version of the heart-wrenching Jeff Buckley song (written by Leonard Cohen) “Hallelujah” in remembrance of Amelia. Doing that and making a YouTube video of me singing it really helped me be able to function again.

I actually only watched it a few times since 2008 when I made it. I can’t really watch it. I haven’t even checked comments on much.

I checked it out today finally, and noticed a bunch of comments on it from two years ago saying things like

I have never seen or heard such heartfelt love. I found this video after Roger Ebert commented on it on his twitter page. God Bless you and Amelia Laine Worth.


Found this as well via Roger Ebert’s twitter. A very heartfelt and touching video, my condolences to the both of you.


Followed from Ebert’s twitter. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter.


Also found through Ebert’s twitter. Very touching. I can imagine no better tribute.

I do know Ebert was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer around that time. The tweet said:

@ebertchicago: I found this completely by accident and was so deeply touched by its sadness and heartfelt love

It was a comment on the beauty of the emotion, not the filmmaking. It’s FAR from my best filmmaking. FAR. It was done quick and dirty using a low-rez camera, actually an old still camera that could shoot a little video. My wife, DJ, did the camerawork and I edited it. Ironic that Ebert’s probably never seen my actual films, and I am a filmmaker by trade, but it’s nice that he mentioned this and Tweeted it.

Anyway, Ebert Tweeting my little film kinda made my day today, two 1/2 years after it happened. And I’m glad to see Ebert’s still feisty and I hope he’s Tweeting for many more years.

–Michael W. Dean

p.s. We couldn’t find the original Tweet, Thank you Less Antman for finding a re-tweet. It’s hard to find old Tweets, and they do go away, so I’ve archived a screenshot, below.


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Feen Torrents Radio Ad (use anywhere, without asking!)

Here is an MP3 of our new 60-second radio ad for our new torrenting club. Enjoy, and share and use anywhere you like without permission. (But please post a link if you do. We love to hear about that!)

–The Feens.

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