How to Be a DJ

Would you like to be a DJ? Being a top DJ comes with fame, money, and self-actualization. However, beyond the fun of matching beats and scratching over songs, you must have great skills to stand out among other DJs such as being emphatic, observant and reactive. Although it is not difficult to start learning how to become a DJ, you will need to know more than mixing one song into another to become a top DJ. To become one of the best DJs requires a lot of dedication, hard work and practice to master all the tips and tricks that you will need to apply to mesmerize your fans. You must also understand the entertainment industry from what DJs do to places that you can get a gig as well how to entertain different groups of individuals. Thankfully, this guide will help you know what it takes to be a top DJ.

The Ultimate guide on how to become a Top DJ

Before you enroll for a DJ course, you will need first to understand the kind of music that you play, and reasons for DJing and the equipment that you will use as well as the type of a DJ you would like to become. Knowing the different types of DJs will help you plan your career well while deciding on the type of music genre will help you find the appropriate lessons easily. Some of the things that you should do to become a top DJ include:

Understand the Basics of DJing

The topmost thing that you should do is gather your equipment. It is advisable to start with simple equipment that will get you started with like headphones, speakers, a 2-channel mixer, mixing software and a music player. Later on, you can invest in other equipment like a monitor, an audio interface, a MIDI controller and mics among others depending on your ambition. You should also familiarize yourself with what different types of DJs do. For example, a radio DJ may require you to make announcements between songs unlike being a club DJ where you will have to keep the dance floor moving uninterrupted. You can also pursue a wedding DJ career where you may have a better chance of success in making a living.

Learn the necessary skills

Some of the basic skills you should first learn before you can become a DJ include mixing, equalizing, beatmatching, phrasing, and sequencing among others. Although technology has made beatmatching less critical due to the built-in sync functionality, learning how to get two tracks play at the same phase and tempo may come in handy especially when using old DJ equipment. Learning how to mix your music at points that make sense by taking advantage of beats and bars a skill called phrasing will help you stand out in competitions and performances. You should also learn the different types of volume control from a trim knob that lets you adjust the level of the signal to a line fader that lets you adjust the signal you are sending to the main output and the overall volume control.

Understand your audience

Understanding all the DJ skills and using the best equipment will not necessarily make you a top DJ if the music you choose is not best suited to you audience. Choosing the right music is not easy especially since what you consider good music may not necessarily be good to other people. However, with practice, you will get to know how to read and appease different groups of audiences.

ExpressVPN Coupons 2017

ExpressVPN Coupons 2017 – find the latest expressvpn discount and promo codes of 2017.

ExpressVPN is a market-leading VPN service known for its high speed, excellent security features, and affordable pricing. Their encryption standards are unarguably the best in the market. Though some users have reported minimal lags while using this VPN service, recent improvements have ensured that ExpressVPN remains among the best VPN providers of 2016. In the subsequent sections, we will throw some light on their services.


Expressvpn Coupon

Pricing and Plans:

Their service is priced at only $12.95 per month, $59.95 for 6 months, or $99.95 when you pay at once for a full year’s access. So, the monthly price drops to $9.99 and $8.32, when you buy the VPN service for six months and one year, respectively. Many other providers either impose hidden restrictions or fail to deliver what they promised. ExpressVPN keeps everything transparent with zero restrictions and no hidden charges. Also, you can use ExpressVPN coupons to get a fat discount on the six-month and one-year plans.

Customer Support:

ExpressVPN provides a 24/7 support, so whenever you need help, there’s always a support agent ready to assist you. Also, the company’s support team is known for its technical competence, which ensures that every problem is be resolved in the minimum possible time. Furthermore, I found the support team to be extremely friendly. They helped me pick the right plan (and even explained me how to use the ExpressVPN coupons).

Security features:

Speaking of encryption standards, ExpressVPN’s network is SSL secured using a military grade 256-bit encryption that is impossible to breach. Therefore, your IP address remains safe from the dangers of spies and hackers.


Whether you’re using a smartphone, computer or tablet, setting up ExpressVPN is a cakewalk. The company offers a range of user-friendly apps that let you establish a secure connection and unblock malicious websites with just a few clicks. Also, the installation process is pretty simple: just sign up, install the application and connect to your favorite sites. It’s that easy! You may choose from more than 136+ VPN locations from 87 countries. There is no restriction on the number of server switches and speed, so you may connect from virtually anywhere in the world.

Availability for Multiple Platforms:

ExpressVPN provides full-GUI applications for Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android platforms. The Android app is compatible with Android 4.2 or higher versions, while the iOS app looks more or less like its Android counterpart. They even offer a basic command-line based Linux VPN client which is listed among the 5 best Linux VPN servers this year.

Is there a trial period?

Sadly, unlike other VPN providers, ExpressVPN does not offer a free trial period, but the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the service. We suggest you buy the service for one month paying $12.95 and test it thoroughly. If you’re happy, use ExpressVPN coupons and get a nice discount on the one-year plan. If you refer ExpressVPN to a friend, both you and he will get 30 days of free service.

Final Verdict:

We give 5/5 stars to this VPN provider and highly recommend their services. Also, remember to check out the ExpressVPN coupons available online.

IPVanish Review 2017

IPVanish Review 2017 – is ipvanish the best vpn for 2017? Find out here.

Connecting to a wireless network may mean compromising the security of your communications. Sometimes you may find that you just need to browse anonymously for some time. This is where a VPN (virtual private network) service comes in. They are designed to ensure your communications are secure and anonymous. One of the leading VPN services available today is IPVanish. Getting information on its features can help you understand why it is one of the best VPN services you can get in the market.


IPVanish Review

Pricing and plans

IPVanish offers three VPN plans with discounts that are directly proportional to the length of the client’s commitment. For the one month plan you will pay approximately $10 for every month. A three month subscription lowers the price to a monthly charge of $8.99 and you can get a $6.49/month offer for subscribing for a whole year. All subscription plans have the same features and benefits.

Payment options

Paying for your subscription can be done using a variety of methods. For starters, IPVanish accepts all major credit/debit cards. Additionally, they accept other payment options such as Paypal, Bitcoin and Giropay. The best thing about their payment service is the refund policy. You can get a refund within 7 days of making your payment. Make sure you have gone through the refund policy before you request for you money. Take note that you should understand how you are going to get your money back if you paid by Bitcoin as the payments using this platform are different from others.

Unique features

When you use IPVanish VPN, P2P is happily allowed. The bonus with the VPN is the lack of use of metadata or connection logs. This is a plus for people who are keen on staying as fully or close to anonymous as possible. Furthermore, as of 23rd of August 2016, clients are allowed a maximum of five devices simultaneously running the VPN. This option ensures the security of majority or even all of your devices. This offer was not available in the past and very few of the best fast vpns in the market offer the same.


IPVanish offers a truly global network coverage by providing more than 500 VPN servers in over 60 countries. They provide server locations that are rarely found on other VPN services such as in Australia, South Africa and Egypt. Clients for almost any platform combined with a speedy Tier-1 network makes it worth a try.


Superb App features Same clients despite the platform Reliability and speed Tier-1 network


Above average price

Other platforms

IPVanish has installers and dedicated Apps for iOS, OSX and Android, although some may require a manual setup. The good thing about them is they come with a detailed step-by-step guide inclusive of a troubleshooting/help manual. Additionally, there are online videos and infographic manuals that can help you with installation


For some people, the cost will always be an issue. However, the high speeds, excellent client and choice of locations are unparalleled. If you are looking for a quality VPN service, take the plunge with IPVanish. The best thing about this is that if you are not satisfied with the service, you have the option of cancelling your subscription within 7 days to get your money back. After all, people who have used it have given 100% positive testimonials/reviews. That’s why it deserves a 5/5 rating from this review.

ExpressVPN Review 2017:

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SaferVPN Review 2017

SaferVPN Review 2017 – is SaferVPN worth the money in 2017? Find out via our newly updated review article.

SaferVPN is an Israel-based virtual private network which has servers based in 24 countries around the world. It is rather new to the VPN market but has been able to garner some positive reviews from various clients around the world. If you want to consider choosing a VPN service, then you should consider reading this SaferVPN review first. Let’s take a look at some of its features:


Plans and Pricing

SaferVPN’s pricing is rather unusual, as it is based on the number of connections and signup term you choose. It consists of only 3 plans, from the Basic plan which costs $5.99/month and allows 1 device connected, Premium plan for $8.99/month allowing 3 devices, to the Small Business plan which costs $19.99/month and allows up to 10 devices connected. As with most VPN providers, SaferVPN offers lower prices when you choose to sign up for the annual plan.

You can expect to have all the necessary features that you would expect from a fairly new VPN service. Their servers are located across 24 countries around the world, and they even offer unlimited bandwidth and download caps. Security-wise, they use 256 bit-encryption and offer support for protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec.

Server Locations

SaferVPN boasts 100 servers located around 24 different countries around the world. Some of their locations include the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Israel, Spain, Holland, India, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Austria, and many more.

Customer Support

SaferVPN boasts an excellent 24/7 customer support via live chat and email. They even have perfectly laid out articles and tutorials just in case you’re searching for some help. Their live chat is very quick to respond, although there are some times when the representative don’t have all the information you might need. You can also opt for their support via email, although it might take a few hours before you can get a response.


SaferVPN has a wide range of software you can use with their service depending on your platform. They currently supports users of Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. They even feature a Chrome extension which makes it possible to integrate their service into your browser. The Windows app comes with a quick and easy to use interface which seamlessly blends with Windows’ UI. The program is completely automated, which is especially helpful for those who simply want to install it and ignore it later.

Risk-Free Trial Period
SaferVPN offers a risk-free trial period to give everyone the chance to test drive their service before they even decide to pay for the service. Basically, they offer a 24 hour trial period along with a 15 day moneyback guarantee. This allows you more freedom and security as you will have the chance to decide whether it’s the right VPN service for you or not.

SaferVPN is a relatively newcomer to the VPN market. However, despite being a newcomer it has been able to gain a decent customer base from around the world. With the use of OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols, you are guaranteed of privacy and protection while browsing the web – although they did admit that they keep user logs. Their network isn’t as huge compared to other companies, but they have built their servers across key locations around the world.

How does a VPN Work

Hostgator Review 2017

Hostgator Review 2017 – find out how hostgator features compare to other hosts in the year 2017.

2017 marks the 15th year that the web hosting company, Hostgator, has been in operation. There have been many reviews done over the period this company has been in operation. The company has managed to amass positive reviews and a growing clientele over the years. As much as the web host has a lot of credibility to its name, there are other newer companies that are launching with some of the best features in the market. This is why it is necessary to constantly review hosting companies to see where they stand on the latest market standards. This Hostgator review serves as a reflection of the company in 2017.

Latest 2017 Hostgator Coupons:

Hosting options and plans

Hostgator continues to have some of the most flexible plans in the market. There are three plans in total that cater from small, medium and large users. The plans are fairly priced to reflect the features that they each come with. They are the perfect plans for users seeking a balance between cost and time. These plans also apply to the different types of hosting all the way from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Many hosting companies rarely take the time to differentiate the needs of different users and create plans based on the user needs. Hostgator, therefore, scores highly for their flexibility.

Control Panel and Speed

Hostgator has a well-furnished control panel. There are literally icons for every single tool and feature that a client could need. The icons are also well augmented making it easier to locate them when needed. The labels are also large enough and visible. When it comes to speed, the installation process is relatively fast. There is inbuilt WordPress support, which means that migration and setup are easy. The setup process is also indicative of the speed of the host and there is no lag whatsoever during uploads. The host does a really good job of making the user experience admirable.

Uptime and Support

Hostgator has invested greatly in their server technology. The companies servers, based in different geographical locations, represent one of the largest investments by a single web hosting companies. This has resulted in uptime rates of over 99%. The efficiency of the servers is also visible on the clients’ side. Web pages load fast and there are no delays on the hosting platform at any given time. As for support, there is 24/7 support in case a client faces challenges. The company staff can be reached through call, chat and other online channels.

There are many more features of Hostgator that cannot be covered in detail in this review. The important fact is that all the features are greatly integrated to give an overall sense of usability and effectiveness. Any good hosting company must score well with their customers. The clientele of Hostgator seems to be one of the most satisfied as there are many reliable reviews on the internet. There are barely any negative opinions in any Hostgator review. While the company is not perfect, it definitely strikes the right chords with most of its customers.


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Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

Jamplay vs GuitarTricks 2017 – which online guitar lessons provider is best for 2017? Find out via this comprehensive comparison article.

If you’re learning to play the guitar, or you simply want to brush up the skills you already practiced, then you’ve probably visited several web sites searching for help. Guitar Tricks and Jamplay are the top two sites where you can learn and practice guitar playing. But when it comes to deciding which one you should join, it’s really a tough decision to make. Both sites have much in common, but there are slight differences that could help you in choosing the right one for you.

Best Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Comparison

Beginner Lessons

Guitar Tricks offers maybe a slightly larger base for the beginners, and the online guitar lessons are easier to follow. This section is amazingly well structured on Guitar Tricks, since it has the so-called ‘core learning system’. This system enables you to learn step by step, and that’s exactly what a beginner needs. Besides, you can follow your progress, and you’ll know when you’re ready to go a step further.

Jamplay, on the other side, has the beginner lessons organized into phases. There’s no step by step system, but you can hear the instructors provide their own lessons. You have the freedom to choose your favorite instructor, and follow his curriculum. If you don’t like your teacher, you can always pick another one, of course.

Full Jamplay Review:

The Genre Section

If you want to experiment and try playing some other genre, then opt for Jamplay, because their base of genres is a bit larger than the base you can find on Guitar Tricks. Jamplay offers jazz, blues, fingerstyle, bluegrass, metal, celtic, funk, flamenco, gospel, and the list only goes on and on. Each instructor has the video for each genre.

Guitar Tricks doesn’t have as many different genres. Their list consists of twelve basic styles: acoustic, blues, classical, jazz, metal, rock, country, funk and soul, rockabilly, world, surf, and bluegrass. You can click on the type you’re interested in, and you’ll see how different instructors show different styles.

Learning to Play Songs

Both web sites have the section where you can learn to play a particular song. Guitar Tricks has more songs to offer, sorted by popularity, title, difficulty, style; also, in the ‘top hits’ section, you’ll find songs of great artists like Hendrix, Santana, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynurd, ZZ Top and so forth. You have a variety of really popular and classic songs you can learn on Guitar Tricks.

Jamplay also has the list, but it’s definitely shorter, and it includes less popular authors. Of course, you can find Beatles here too, or Nirvana, but Guitar Tricks has more known authors as well as songs.


On Guitar Tricks you normally have two different angles in the video. That way you can clearly see what is the instructor doing with his hands. Usually, the right hand is zoomed in for you, so it’s extremely helpful when you want to keep track with the lesson. Plus, the videos have detailed instructions even for basic things like how to hold a guitar (acoustic and electric), or what is a key.

On Jamplay you can choose the quality of the video (high, super, 720p, 4k), and you have the option to take notes, or ‘ask a teacher’. There are no angles in Jamplay’s videos, but the quality is excellent, and with average internet connection it will load without problems.

Both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks have really good methods of teaching-learning system. However, these differences can help you when deciding which one is best for you, and what works better for you and your guitar.