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Cats ‘n’ Guns

In these trying times, I think a little sunshine is nice to brighten our days. So here’s some pix of two of my three cats and the two .357 revolvers I’m carrying these days (at the same time, the snubbie is my backup/”New York Reload.”)


–Michael W. Dean

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  1. MichaelWDean says

    Most reviews seem to say it’s a novelty gun, though they are selling like hot cakes. But the shotshell function is over rated.


  2. Lowglow says

    Whats your opinion of the Taurus Judge ?, my Wife keeps telling me she wants the smaller versian to carry in her Purse.

  3. MichaelWDean says

    They both take the same ammo, but the “hog leg” (the bigger one) gets about 50% more power, because more powder burns in the longer barrel. Some of the powder exits unburned in the snubbie.

    The longer one is also much more accurate at a distance. The snubbie is only accurate to about 20 feet. The hog leg is accurate to about 200 feet. They’re actually both accurate from a bench test, but in the snubbie, the front and back sites are so close it’s hard to quickly align them. Snubbies are sometimes called “belly guns” because they’re usually used in self-defense at very close ranges, shot from the hip, not held up higher and aligned properly. Snubbies can also be shot from inside a pocket, through the fabric, if someone were trying to kill or maim you and you didn’t have time to pull it out. (Though I carry guns in holsters, not loose in the pocket. Loose in the pocket gets lint in the gun, and also will shift and not be in the right position if you need to draw it quickly.

    I like the word “snubbie” because it sounds like “subbie.” lol!



  4. MichaelWDean says

    About four pounds loaded.


  5. Serene says

    I like the look of the revolver on the right. How heavy is it?