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Christian Sharia, anyone?

Be Libertarian, AND avoid Christian Sharia. End the Fed, cut off welfare, but keep porn, pot and gambling legal!

I’m a libertarian. I believe that government FAR overreaches its rights. I think the government would be much more effective if it were about 1/2 of 1% of the size it is now.

I believe that the only morally correct laws are laws that protect people from aggression against their person or property. I think that the only things that should be illegal are murder, rape, assault, theft, fraud, and trespassing.

A large force that has always been active in American politics is what I call CCCs, i.e. Christian Conservative Constitutionalists. Ronald Reagan was one. The John Birch Society would fit that description.  The Constitution Party do. Many LDS do. This CCC force is “making a comeback”, often in the form of people who claim to be part of the Tea Party, like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

I agree with about 95% of what most of these folks believe in. For instance,

  • I believe in the right to keep and bear arms, without limitation.
  • I want lower taxes.
  • I do not believe in bailouts or “too big to fail.”
  • I think welfare (of all kinds) should be slashed to the bone, and/or eliminated.
  • I believe that homeschooling should be legal and easy, and the public schools should even be phased out.
  • I believe in the right of people to worship as they please (for instance, I’m appalled that a kid got kicked out of school for wearing a rosary. I don’t think that voluntarily wearing a rosary to public school violates any kind of “separation of church and state.”)
  • I oppose “hate crime laws” (murder and assault are already illegal, adding time for what you were thinking while committing the crime is racist.)
  • I’m against Affirmative Action (I think it’s racist.)
  • I believe the borders should be closed (at least until all freebie incentives are removed).
  • I’m in favor of term limits.
  • I believe that abuses of Eminent Domain should be eliminated.
  • I am a big fan of Castle Doctrine.
  • I’m a strong believer in States’ Rights.
  • I’m against unlawful wiretaps and illegal search and seizure.
  • I am appalled by the march of socialism and I fear and hate the Obama administration’s hostile takeover of America.

HOWEVER, most CCCs believe that drugs, porn, prostitution, gambling and gay marriage should also be illegal. SHOW ME WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION, OR IN NATURAL LAW, YOU CAN JUSTIFY THOSE THINGS BEING ILLEGAL! That’s my problem with CCCs. If they were in power, we would have a wonderful Constitutional Republic for about 95% of things, but something amounting to Christian Sharia for the other 5%.

NO LAW IS MORALLY JUST UNLESS IT PROTECTS THE PERSON OR PROPERTY OF OTHERS. It is immoral to try to force the government to force YOU to act “moral.” Trying to make the state regulate your husband from looking at porn or keeping your wife from gambling is lazy nanny-state bullshit, and is not morally acceptable. And it certainly isn’t Constitutional and does not conform to Natural Law (which is the only MORAL law.)

I don’t do drugs, but I am convinced that drugs should be 100% legal. The War on Drugs does far more harm than good, and ruins far more lives than it helps. It costs billions in taxes, jails and lawyers, and encourages violent crime. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol and it ain’t working for drugs. Besides outlawing drugs (or porn or gambling) will NEVER stop drugs (or porn or gambling.) Outlawing these things won’t even minimize them. People will do them anyway.

Thomas Jefferson said “The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered… according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption...” Well, at the time of The Constitution’s adoption, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew (and likely smoked) marijuana and Benjamin Franklin slept with many French whores.

My favorite Wyoming candidate for Governor, the best candidate we’ve got, the guy I’m voting for, Ron Micheli, said in a recent interview that he thinks porn should be illegal and marriage should be defined as being between a man and a woman. Porn illegal? How is that moral. How can you even SAY that? Show me in The Constitution, or Natural Law, where outlawing porn is even moral. (And my thought on marriage? Take the state out of the equation. The STATE has no right to be involved. Marriage should be between two people and maybe their church. As a libertarian comedian Doug Stanhope once said “If marriage didn’t exist, would you invent it? Would you go ‘Baby, this shit we got together, it’s so good we gotta get the government in on this shit. We can’t just share this commitment between us. We need judges and lawyers involved in this shit, baby. It’s hot!'”)

Doug Stanhope for president

Doug Stanhope for president

Enforcing random nanny laws (like outlawing pot, porn and gambling) will lead to tyranny. It will pave the way for a new Hitler, whether the nannying comes from the right or the left. I don’t think Obama is Hitler. But I think that Obama is paving the way for a Hitler (or Stalin), a few presidents from now, at the rate things are going. AND CHRISTIAN “CONSERVATIVE” GEORGE BUSH HELPED HIM. Every time someone’s in “power”, for the last hundred years, they’ve chipped away a little more at the Constitution, at Natural Law, and added more and more bullshit, thinking their party will be in “power” forever. But with the next changing of the guard, the other party abuses those “powers” even more, in the opposite direction.

“The problem isn’t Democrats. The problem is Republicans who aren’t willing to become libertarians”

–Libertarian Christian Boston T. Party.

The only solution I can really see for NOT having a Hitler running America into the ground in ten or twenty years is GET RID OF THE NANNY-STATE BULLSHIT on the left and GET RID OF THE CHRISTIAN SHARIA on the right. Concentrate on the basic human rights governance, abide only by Natural Law, strip government down to near nothing, get rid of “special” rights, and only protect human rights. (Hint: free health care is not a “human right”, because it’s not free. Someone else has to pay for it, and the government forces them at gunpoint to pay. That’s not a human right!)

I’m not going to “waste my vote” on a third party. I’m going to back TRUE libertarian candidates (not CCCs) operating within the Republican Party. I think that’s the plan that’s got the best plan. (Rand Paul for president anyone?)

And from a simple logistical standpoint, the CCCs should re-evaluate their plan. CCCs are NEVER gonna get the “youth vote” or the “hipster vote”, which is a large part of the vote. Only Libertarian Republicans can attract the youngsters.

If a more-libertarian Republican Party can’t save America, nothing can. If it can’t, my prediction is that in five or ten years, we’ll all “party like it’s 1775.” And if that happens, I’ll likely be shoulder to shoulder with the CCCs, saying “How the fuck did you let this happen? Oh well, you did let it happen, now let’s fix it. So praise God and pass the ammunition.”

–Michael W. Dean

Michael W. Dean is the Wyoming representative for the Republican Liberty Caucus. His views are his own.

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