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Freedom Feens episode 34:

  [ 1 h 25 min 27 s | 78.3 MB ]

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how Apple now has more cash on hand than the US Government, they eulogize Steve Jobs, talk up Steve Smith and Vaporsmith e-ciggs. They discuss stupid tobacco laws, celebrate that Ian Freeman’s out of jail, yack about Michael Frante and Spearhead, why GoDaddy is like if the government ran the Internet, and why DreamHost rocks, Robert Anton Wilson’s “Guns and Dope Party”, Corporatism, Thomas Edison started GE, who pay no taxes still, the A-Tyranny General, Operation Wide Receiver, the military/industrial complex, Blood money and what’s good about the Saudi legal system, the cool 81-year old feminist lesbian anarchist Ursula K. LeGuin, Microbroadcasters Dale Gribble and Art Bell, an America-legal FM transmitter kit you could use to broadcast Freedom Feens (or anything) up a mile, how people should be archiving our episodes in case we’re shut down, or droned, the site with more technical info on microbroadcasting, FM pre-emphasis, how cats are less pets and more like strange roommates, Michael’s cat eating a dresser, Feds closing Cali pot stores, why many NRA members are hypocrites, a good documentary on pirate radio, playing “The Game of Life” with libertarian rules, the government’s attempt to beg rather than coerce for once, AND WE GIVE AWAY A DIGITAL CAMERA!

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