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BEYOND THE GUN (Freedom Feens podcast episode)

BEYOND THE GUN [ 1 h 40 min 09 s | 91.76 MB ]  Download

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi go beyond the gun. The tell how, in a libertarian paradise, national security could be provided free by Google. They read an open letter to some tax eaters, they discuss Why the Gun IS Civilization, they review the movies The Paper Chase and Play Misty For Me, talk about why Ron Paul is amazing but shouldn’t win, review two great new podcasts, Bad Quaker and the Freedom Outlaws Podcast; discuss John Beard, Boston T. Party, Arrested Development, John Hyatt, and wonder how long until you can have people committed via Facebook. They debunk conspiracy theories including that Ron Paul handed out LSD at an Occupy Wall Street event. They take on Luke 22:36 and “turn the other cheek” in conjunction with self-defense, criticize the ruling that a blogger is not journalist, show proof that Ron Paul is an anarchist and explain the Free Speech Kit With Guns.


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