How to Be a DJ

Would you like to be a DJ? Being a top DJ comes with fame, money, and self-actualization. However, beyond the fun of matching beats and scratching over songs, you must have great skills to stand out among other DJs such as being emphatic, observant and reactive. Although it is not difficult to start learning how to become a DJ, you will need to know more than mixing one song into another to become a top DJ. To become one of the best DJs requires a lot of dedication, hard work and practice to master all the tips and tricks that you will need to apply to mesmerize your fans. You must also understand the entertainment industry from what DJs do to places that you can get a gig as well how to entertain different groups of individuals. Thankfully, this guide will help you know what it takes to be a top DJ.

The Ultimate guide on how to become a Top DJ

Before you enroll for a DJ course, you will need first to understand the kind of music that you play, and reasons for DJing and the equipment that you will use as well as the type of a DJ you would like to become. Knowing the different types of DJs will help you plan your career well while deciding on the type of music genre will help you find the appropriate lessons easily. Some of the things that you should do to become a top DJ include:

Understand the Basics of DJing

The topmost thing that you should do is gather your equipment. It is advisable to start with simple equipment that will get you started with like headphones, speakers, a 2-channel mixer, mixing software and a music player. Later on, you can invest in other equipment like a monitor, an audio interface, a MIDI controller and mics among others depending on your ambition. You should also familiarize yourself with what different types of DJs do. For example, a radio DJ may require you to make announcements between songs unlike being a club DJ where you will have to keep the dance floor moving uninterrupted. You can also pursue a wedding DJ career where you may have a better chance of success in making a living.

Learn the necessary skills

Some of the basic skills you should first learn before you can become a DJ include mixing, equalizing, beatmatching, phrasing, and sequencing among others. Although technology has made beatmatching less critical due to the built-in sync functionality, learning how to get two tracks play at the same phase and tempo may come in handy especially when using old DJ equipment. Learning how to mix your music at points that make sense by taking advantage of beats and bars a skill called phrasing will help you stand out in competitions and performances. You should also learn the different types of volume control from a trim knob that lets you adjust the level of the signal to a line fader that lets you adjust the signal you are sending to the main output and the overall volume control.

Understand your audience

Understanding all the DJ skills and using the best equipment will not necessarily make you a top DJ if the music you choose is not best suited to you audience. Choosing the right music is not easy especially since what you consider good music may not necessarily be good to other people. However, with practice, you will get to know how to read and appease different groups of audiences.